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Google Search Ads Strategies and Optimizations

Google Advertising can be frustrating and expensive if you lack the proper knowledge and tools.

Our PAC Digital Marketing team is experts in utilizing each platform's insights to develop creative and cost-effective solutions. This post covers tried and true best practices and strategies that we utilize here at PAC.


Every advertising initiative's core is testing, testing, and testing. While we have our "secret sauce" at PAC, we're willing to try different strategies to ensure we are constantly innovating and finding new ways to be most effective. In addition, this process ensures we always look for the best audiences to target and prevent underperforming campaigns from wasting budgets.

Search Campaign Variety (Conversion Intent Buckets)

Build campaign buckets based on conversion intent where keywords and search terms must be aligned through the top, middle, and bottom funnels. Keywords are chosen from analysis of search term conversions, goal metrics, and search impression share.

Searchable Product Titles

Are your ads showing up competitively in the search results? Leveraging your brand and being the "Official Ticket Source" can help you outrank the secondary market. We want to ensure product titles are clear and descriptive. If read aloud, the product title should be able to tell someone exactly what the product is, even if they can't see the screen.

Keyword Expansion Potential (Broad Match + DSA Campaigns)

We will take your highest-performing search terms and turn them into keywords we're targeting. We'll use a negative keyword list to eliminate internal competition as well.

Leveraging Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to create a dedicated ad group to hunt for new search terms allows us to continue to expand our keyword footprint.

University of Colorado Boulder's Search ad utilizes site link extensions and call extensions while having a clear and concise copy.

Audience Diversity + Observation Modes (Bottom Feeding Approach)

We'll add as many audiences as possible to Search campaigns and set them to "Observation" mode. This allows us to see performance overlaps when keywords and audiences are a match. This can help us get better performance out of struggling keywords and later help us take advantage of growth through display and YouTube.

Audience observation is a powerful tool that provides you insight into different audience segments you could potentially target.

Full-Funnel Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

We'll want to use remarketing audiences that capture the whole buyer's journey in order of conversion intent: checkout abandoners, cart abandoners, people who viewed multiple products, product viewers, people who visited more than two pages, and all visitors.

If Search is underperforming, we can add specific audiences as "Targeting" to your search campaigns as long as you have enough visitor volume or switch to a bidding strategy that will allow us to collect data and optimize accordingly.

Bidding Strategy Opportunities Tailored To Your Specific Goals

Create custom-tailored innovative bidding strategies focused on achieving our specific goals together. Use bid strategies like Target CPA (tCPA) and Target ROAS (tROAS) to maximize conversion value and drive incremental performance gains. We'll want to ensure that you have enough budget to use automated bidding (per campaign, the daily budget needs to be at least 2x the tCPA goal).

Manual Reviews of Device/Geography/Time Dimensions - Is Anything Bleeding?

We manually check other parts of your account to ensure that any automation isn't running unseen for too long. This is mainly seen if specific devices, geographies, or time frames are not performing within our goals.

Given its unmatched reach and authority, Search Ads should be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

In addition to the tips and techniques above, our best practices include writing excellent ad copy that reflects your brand, products, and services and adding unique, relevant headlines, descriptions, and extensions to ensure your ads rank competitively. Our goal is to provide value and enable you to connect with your target audience and scale most effectively. It is important always to test and optimize different strategies and campaigns.

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