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Elevating College Athletics Ticketing with PAC Live: University of Washington's Success Story

Discover how the University of Washington transformed their ticketing strategy with PAC Live, bringing innovation and control to the forefront of their athletic events. Lauren Merdinyan, Director of Ticketing Operations from the University of Washington, takes us through her journey, highlighting some tangible benefits and efficiencies gained from adopting PAC Live.

University of Washington adopted PAC Live near the end of the football season, seizing the chance to enhance single ticket sales and streamline the fan experience with the help of the Sectional Seat Map.

In the video, we hear about the smooth transition and advantages of adopting the PAC Live sales path. Lauren shares how she creatively approached seating strategies, enhanced fan engagement, and improved the ticket sales processes with improved efficiency.

Key to her strategy was the use of sectional seat maps, maximizing stadium occupancy and ensuring a vibrant atmosphere at each event. She also touches on the ease of transitioning to the PAC Live sales path, highlighting its ability to accommodate both season ticket holders and single-game buyers through its flexible platform.

Listen to Lauren’s insights and consider how you can leverage PAC Live for your ticketing needs. Connect with your EOS or Account Manager to optimize your use of PAC Live today!



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