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Buyer & Donor Map Dashboards: Your Compass to Ticketing and Fundraising Opportunities

Are you finding it difficult to visualize where your ticket buyers and donors come from? Do you need help identifying key market areas to improve sales and increase fundraising?

The Buyer and Donor Map Dashboards simplify this challenge. They reveal whether your supporters are local fans or distant admirers and connect sales and donation data with specific locations for your campaigns. Let’s go into more detail about how you can use these dashboards:

Winning Away Game Strategies

Away games are opportunities to connect with fans and raise funds. Buyer and Donor Map Dashboards pinpoint regions with a high concentration of ticket buyers and donors for focused marketing. These maps give you insight into donor hotspots so that you can hold donor and alumni events to improve fan involvement and donor connections.

Spotlight on Showgoers

Our maps help distinguish between out-of-town visitors and local enthusiasts. Notably, when a specific market area exhibits a high volume of ticket purchases for a major event, it presents an opportunity to explore previously untapped regions. You can broaden your audience reach by redirecting your strategies to these areas.

Spotting Your High-Value Customers

Maybe you'd like to know where your top ticket buyers are coming from. Now you can filter by item, event, or price type - to see their proximity to the venue for insights on areas with high ticket sales. Using the interactive map, you can identify where your supporters are clustered.

Identifying Opportunities in Fundraising

Tailor the minimum and maximum donation parameters to reveal your top-tier donors, showcasing the ‘gold status’ givers and those meeting ‘major giving’ thresholds. The dashboard illuminates the geographic distribution of these distinguished donors.

In Closing

Data visualizations help you identify patterns clearly and quickly, allowing you to direct resources where they can make the most impact. With the Buyer and Donor Map Dashboards, turn data into growth opportunities with your supporters, wherever they may be!



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