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My Account 2.0 Transfers Add a Personal Touch and Drop Deadlines

Say hello to named transfers and goodbye to transfer deadlines.

Hello 🤩

Fans and patrons can add the recipient's First and Last Name of the recipient to their transfer, making it easier to verify and track the process!

The sender can see the recipient's name in the Pending Transfers area of My Account on the web and in-app (SDK) and across email notifications related to the transfer.

Bonus: App (SDK v 4.2.6) users can save the trouble of typing by choosing the recipient from their phone contacts, giving them a seamless mobile experience. Currently available to iOS/Apple users only, but Android/Google is coming soon!

Goodbye 👋

Your event isn't over until it's over, and neither are transfers!

Transfers will expire AFTER your event ends, making it easy for fans and patrons to accept transferred tickets up through the end of the event, whether it's a single or multi-day experience.

Both of these enhancements have been deployed into My Account 2.0, and no action is required on your part! We thrive on helping you deliver more convenience and better customer service for your fans and patrons.

Questions? We've got answers in PAC Community.



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