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Thinking Ahead: Take Success Into Next Season

The road to 2024

The season is going well. You are bowl eligible or close to it. How do you capitalize on that momentum as you look ahead to bowl season or next season? Check out this blog filled with marketing ideas you can execute today!

Ticket Information Request Forms

Things can change quickly. The easiest strategy if you need to gather interest fast is using a ticket information request form. Promote this form via email or on social media for fans to be the “first in the know” when postseason or new season ticket information becomes available. Utilize these form submits to flow into Salesforce as marketing activities for your reps to follow up with when the time is right. You can use your existing, generic ticket interest form or create a specific interest form to push out. Check out these great examples below, where clients used forms to best fit their needs.

wake forest bowl interest form

Postseason Ticket Request Upsells

Many clients deploy the strategy of releasing postseason ticket applications on eVenue for fans to request various bowl and championship game tickets. Texas took this opportunity to upsell those fans who completed requests to donate to the Longhorn Excellence fund and boost their spot in line. This is an easy way to provide them a quick confirmation of their request through an automated campaign in Eloqua, and also generate more donation revenue throughout the season leading up to point lock date for ticket priority.

Next Season Deposit Best Practices

As you push new deposits on sale for next season, remember to take advantage of marketing automation best practices. Below you can see examples of web nurturing and cart abandonment campaigns that are similar, but slightly different based on how far a customer made it down the purchase path with their deposits on eVenue.

Oklahoma Deposit Confirmation Email

Once a fan has made a deposit for next season, follow up with them automatically with an email thanking them for their support and even pushing a special offer or promotion. The example here from Oklahoma offers discounted single game tickets on a handful of 2023 games with excess inventory in an automated thank you email after a 2024 deposit has been placed.

Being ready for success takes effort, but the rewards in incremental revenue and lead generation are limitless. Reach out to your Marketing Automation Representative and make your plan today!

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