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Add All By Event: A New Way to Add Tickets with One Tap

No one likes long lines. One way to reduce the likelihood of a jam at entrances is to help fans, and patrons get to their mobile passes easily and swiftly.

Meet Add All, the newest time-saving feature on My Account 2.0.

When people buy tickets for an event, they aren’t just buying one ticket for themselves, they’re purchasing for 2-3 people. We encourage transferring tickets so everyone can hold their digital pass on their smartphone. But sometimes, other party members might not be technically savvy, own a smartphone, or know how to add their ticket to their digital wallet. When people struggle to access their passes, the slowdowns add up quickly, forming the dreaded line.

So, let’s make it easier!

One person, one tap, and all the tickets for one event are safely stored in one wallet.

Whether they have 2, 4, or even 10 tickets, Add All makes it simpler for fans/patrons to prepare and access their event if transferring the ticket/s isn’t an option.

For Paciolan clients, your fans, and patrons on My Account 2.0 can Add All today! Please check PAC Community for more details.


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