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Digital Marketing Holiday Campaign Strategies & Tactics

Advertising with Digital Marketing campaigns during the holiday season can make a big impact in helping drive the results you want. During this time, online consumer activity - including shopping for gifts, making online travel plans and holiday-related events - can PEAK. Launching a well-thought out digital marketing campaign can help us tap into this increased online activity and capture the attention of new and returning fans!

The Paciolan Digital Marketing Team has compiled a few key-points and takeaways we can continue to adopt this holiday season & beyond.

Ready, Set, Start Sooner!

Gone are the days where customers have to actually wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get the deals. Year after year, we’ve seen various industries kick–off their holiday sales earlier and earlier. Considering this time of year can become increasingly saturated with ads from all kinds of businesses, launching a holiday campaign early can help build anticipation, create awareness and drive more consideration to your product/promotion

UNC Black Friday Reminder Ad

A newly released Meta campaign type, and a great example as to how we can be thinking of highlighting these holiday sales and future promotions in advance, are Reminder Ads. Reminder ads allow Instagram users to opt into receiving a helpful reminder for an upcoming launch, event, etc. Once doing so, the fan will receive push notifications in their feed leading up to and during the event within their app.

In preparation for their upcoming Black Friday - Cyber Monday ticket deals, North Carolina launched a week-long Reminder campaign that drove a total of 605 opt-ins prior to launching their Men’s Basketball 4-Ticket & Concession package for an upcoming game. This campaign helped the team exceed their internal sales goal of 600 tickets & selling out this game!

Explore New Target Segments

Various digital marketing platforms like Google, Meta and YouTube, provide access to unique “Shopper” audiences we can employ within our targeting strategies. Including available behavioral “Online-Shoppers” or “In-Market for Sales” niche audience groups are great for reaching new fans with the propensity to buy online.

We saw many efforts this season include a “Black Friday Shoppers” audience for their holiday promotion campaigns. In some cases, the Black Friday audience was the highest converting audience, surpassing other affinity audiences and retargeting.

Google Ads Shopping Audiences

Make It Festive

A festive spin to doing what we do best - cultivate special moments & memories to last a lifetime. Incorportating holiday themes and clearly calling out special promotions, ticket deals or offers within your creative & ad copy will continue to be a great way to stay top of mind to your fans during this heavy shopping period.


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