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Digital Marketing Holiday Wishlist

A header image with a holiday background and two example ads, one from google and one from facebook

High-Quality Action Shot Images

With high-quality images, there are many different optimizations to help improve ad performance - all while making the creative team’s life easier. See below for the top ways to incorporate action shots into your campaigns:

An image of a phone with an Illinois basketball ad selling ticket packages
  • Include action shots into a standard display campaign with Responsive Display Ads! All that is needed is 5-10 images and a few headlines/descriptions to make these ads shine. Responsive Display Ads have the ability to reach more potential customers by sizing to fit any ad location while customizing the messaging to drive your product. These ads will bring in a higher CTR with a lower CPC.

  • Using these same batch of images, you can level up your Google Search Campaigns. Google now offers image extensions to Search Campaigns - which take up more real estate on the Google Search feed and can help increase a buyer's CTR by 10%.

A phone graphic with a Google ad for Cats the Broadway Musical
  • Lastly, test out an organic social media approach. Use action shots and experiential images that show the full experience of the event. Social trends have favored organic content, not making purchasers realize they are being fed an advertisement. With organic images, the advertisement becomes one with the user’s feed, and the copy is able to reel a user in. This season, A/B test the standard graphic with organic-looking social posts to understand how your fan likes to make a purchase.

An image of an Indiana University football ad


Level up your digital marketing ad strategy with experiential or action-based videos. Video is the best way to engage your audience on an emotional level with sight, sound and motion. Our team recommends 15 sec videos for Meta and YouTube campaigns - great for reaching engaged fans, watching with sound-on.

If possible, always include a 1080x1920 (story-sized) spot for Facebook and Instagram Reels. This is a great, mobile-optimized placement which can help reach target audiences in an organic, authentic-feeling way.

Purdue launched a Football single game tickets campaign on YouTube highlighting their one-of-a-kind game day atmosphere. Their videos resonated highly with fans, getting a 22.55% completion rate and overall $4.23 ROAS.

A dividing image with a football field background and two examples from Purdue Football, a mobile ad and a Youtube ad

1st Party Data

The power of first-party data has never been greater. With the changing privacy landscape and new opportunities from advertising platforms, it is important to make use of your customer lists. Both Google and Facebook have the opportunity to use customer lists to create a Lookalike Audience, finding people with similar buying habits. This opens your reach to a new sea of potential fans who have similar interests as those of your STH, Mini Plan, Single Game, or previous Concert/Show ticket purchasers.

If accessible, Fanbase data serves as a key tool in audience lookalikes and segmentation. Using Fanbase’s Fan Profiles, you can serve specific messaging to each target group, making sure you capture their best interest. For a segmented group of young users, filter in trendy copy and experience-based images. While for an older target, stick to branded messaging and imagery that carries on the tradition and legacy.

In the 2022 Football season, Texas A&M used both Fanbase data and audience segmentation to promote their Flex Pack. Getting creative, they targeted Fanbase Profiles and Lookalike audiences alongside creating specific imagery for their female audience.

An image of a Texas A&M Football ad featuring Aggie Football Flex Packs

An image of a K-State Football ad

Think Digital for Time-Sensitive Campaigns

What better way to capitalize on positive team performance, season momentum, championship wins or new coach announcements than digital marketing across various channels? Adding digital can be another great touch point within your campaign and can help you reach both your ticketing and fundraising goals. Engage returning fans & new prospects with a specific message and easy call-to-action.

Kansas State launched a post- Big 12 Football Championship win fundraising campaign, incentivizing K-State football purchasers to donate and receive a commemorative mini football. Their ads focus on CRM customer match and drive all traffic to PAC Fund for giving.

Wisconsin is live with Football 2023 Season Tickets, promoting their most recent new Head Coach announcement. They are using Wisconsin Football purchaser and lapsed season ticket holder customer lists to reach their most high-intent fans with a positive message from their new Head Coach.

An example of a Wisconsin Football video ad

An image of a Wisconsin Football video featuring the head coach

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