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How To Extend the Fan Experience Beyond Game Day

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The recent pandemic accelerated technology adoption, particularly regarding live event tickets. Today, it’s common for most events to have evolved to digital ticketing. While that delivers a host of operational advantages, it also eliminates the ticket stub fans used to collect as souvenirs.

Fans have been very vocal about wanting that game memento—something to capture their first time attending or something to commemorate the win against a long-time rival team.

In recent years, WW&L has helped several professional sports, and collegiate teams deliver souvenir tickets. But these aren’t just any printed ticket stubs. Today, it’s possible to incorporate several features to deliver interactive experiences as you introduce this new revenue opportunity to your organization.

An image of a Notre Dame commemorative ticket

Custom Printing To Capture Game Date

Many fans are interested in capturing the game date, opponent, row, and seat location on the souvenir ticket to create deeper memories of the event.

3D Digital Views

Today, it’s possible to add a QR code to the printed ticket to give fans a 3D digital view from each seat. This feature is perfect for new venue launches that want to entice season’s ticket holders. They’ll often send a souvenir ticket as a special token of appreciation for those newest fans.

Interactive and Immersive Technology

It’s also possible to capture those big moments by offering QR codes to treasured video moments like Coach K’s final game or the opportunity to see Lebron James historical shot to capture the all-time scoring record. This allows organizations to extend the experience beyond the event itself and treasure that moment for years to come.

Alter the Offering Pre and Post Game

Today’s technology also enables teams to alter the interactive offering pre- and post-game using the same QR code. For example, a new venue might include a video of its groundbreaking ceremony or ribbon cutting or a 3D digital view from the seat number on the ticket.

An image of the Arkansas vs Auburn basketball game with an option to scan a QR code for video content

After the event, that QR code could link to a video clip of a ceremony or speech that was delivered at the game. Regardless of the activity, the ability to offer additional utility for fans enhances and extends the overall event experience to promote greater engagement and loyalty.

Extend the Opportunity Beyond Attendees

Souvenir ticket programs can be extended to fans beyond those in attendance. This flexibility creates the opportunity for a larger audience reach and extends fan engagement while delivering an additional source of revenue.

A souvenir ticket program requires no up-front investment and little to no effort from your ticket operations staff. WW&L will help you set up a link or web portal to promote and sell these one-of-a-kind mementos. The tickets are fulfilled and shipped directly from WW&L to the fan. Patrons can buy souvenir tickets before, during, or after the big event, giving you a revenue stream without any startup fees.

From the Super Bowl to the Olympics, Weldon, Williams and Lick, (WW&L) has been connecting fans to live sporting events and entertainment for 125 years.

While its legacy will always be ticketing, it continues to embrace digital innovation. The company has evolved to technology-driven access control and fan engagement solutions for general admission, premium and VIP experiences. For more information on this program, click here.

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