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Insights into Your Event Traffic and Scan Performance

In the world of event management, timing is crucial. The Data & Insights’ Scan Dashboard provides valuable data on attendees' entry patterns, gate traffic, and scan performance. This information allows you to create seamless events that leave a lasting impression.

Let's dig into the insights you can gather from this dashboard.

  1. Traffic Patterns - Uncover attendee arrival patterns and pinpoint peak entry times, especially those occurring right at event time or after. Leverage these insights to promote giveaways, enticing attendees to arrive earlier and boosting on-site engagement and spending.

  2. Gate Insights - Gate traffic is fun, said no one. Dive into which times and gates are experiencing the highest traffic and strategically deploy staff to optimize security and streamline attendee flow.

  3. Behavior Breakdown - Gain perspectives into various aspects like examining customer types and identifying patterns, such as students arriving late or specific venue levels heading to the wrong gate.

  4. Exit/Reentry Analysis - Investigate whether patrons leave without re-entering or why attendees leave and return at specific times. Utilize this data to develop strategies to retain attendees within the venue, such as organizing compelling shows, enhancing food and beverage offerings, or refining reentry parameters.

  5. Scan Performance - Track key performance indicators to monitor the accuracy of the scanning process. Quickly identify a high volume of duplicate scans or instances where people attempt to scan already-used tickets. These insights serve as valuable training data, pinpointing areas for staff improvement.

Turn scans into strategies with Data & Insights' Scan Dashboard.



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