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Introducing Paciolan iQ: Revolutionize Your Data Strategy

In today's dynamic business landscape, data serves as more than an asset; it acts as the lifeblood driving every organizational strategy. Recognizing the pivotal role of data, we are excited to unveil Paciolan iQ, our latest solution aimed at maximizing your interaction with your most valuable resource. 

"Paciolan iQ is a game-changer for our industry," said Keith White, Paciolan’s Chief Product & Technology Officer. "We understand the pain points our clients face when it comes to data management and utilization. We’re not just offering a product solution, we are pulling together best-in-class data capabilities to empower organizations to make informed decisions, enhance customer experiences, and unlock new revenue streams." 

Key features of Paciolan iQ:

  1. Master Data Management (MDM) process gives you a single golden record with two valuable elements: a crystal-clear view of your customer accounts that stay up-to-date and a propensity scoring to help evaluate the likelihood of an account to convert or purchase.

  2. Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) goes beyond being a mere tool; it serves as your organization's central nervous system, guaranteeing that each decision, strategy, and customer engagement is well-informed and purposeful. It includes custom dashboards for rich insights.

  3. Expert consultation and guidance from the Paciolan iQ team. Whether it is onboarding, training, building new dashboards, or data sources, we go alongside you and become an extension of your teams. 

The Golden Standard in Data Management

At the heart of every successful business strategy is data quality. Clean, reliable, and comprehensive data forms the bedrock for well-informed decision-making processes. Our MDM solution places a premium on this aspect by providing a definitive record of your data, securely stored within the data warehouse. This methodology not only ensures data integrity but also facilitates streamlined accessibility, empowering your teams to harness this information across a multitude of applications. From surfacing propensity scores in Salesforce to crafting audience profiles in Eloqua, the significance of pristine data cannot be emphasized enough. Don’t take it from us; see what MDM has accomplished for several of your peers. 

Insights at Your Fingertips

Recognizing the unique needs and objectives of each department in your organization, Paciolan iQ enables users to seize control of their data by crafting custom dashboards using Tableau. Whether it's Data Analytics personnel delving into deeper insights, Ticketing Managers honing sales strategies, or Fundraising Officers aiming to boost donations, Paciolan iQ provides unmatched scale and flexibility.  Let’s work together to ensure that pertinent, actionable information is readily available, and tailored to address the specific requirements of your role and goals. 

If your organization already leverages Learfield’s Fanbase, good news! Paciolan iQ bolsters your data capabilities further. Fanbase connects to Paciolan’s data warehouse,  generates a robust fan profile and propensity score, feeds it to Paciolan iQ, and in turn, receives clean data and successful results as you take action 

Beyond Technology: Our Commitment to Service

What distinguishes Paciolan iQ from the rest is the exceptional level of service that complements our technology. Human-centric service is our priority, recognizing that every dataset, dashboard, and decision represents individuals striving for excellence. Our seasoned team of experts acts as an extension of your organization, providing guidance, sharing best practices, and delivering regular consultations to ensure your data strategy is both effective and adaptable to your requirements. This continuous support guarantees that you are not just keeping up with digital transformation but leading it with confidence.  

The Future is Here

We're thrilled to present Paciolan iQ, a blend of innovation, flexibility, and reliable support. With the help of our expert team, use MDM and DWaaS to unlock your data's full power and reach organizational objectives. Usher the next era of data management as our platform and expert team boost your revenue and operational strategies. 

Take the next step and contact your Client Partner or Account Manager today!


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