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Kickoff to Single Game Marketing

As you shift sales focus from new season tickets to single game tickets, shift your marketing mindset too!

Here are a few ideas to maximize your single-game advertising throughout the season.

Stay Relevant

Refresh creative.

Avoid creative fatigue by adding new videos, action shots, and graphics to keep the content fresh and fans engaged.

Utilize content to keep up in real-time.

As you get new photos and footage of the games, incorporate that in your ads moving forward.

  • Social ads on Meta and responsive display ads on Google make it easy to switch out these assets and ad copy in real time.

  • Add a home opener video or update the ad copy to reflect the team wins. For example, the University of Alabama-Birmingham switched from the empty stadium to a photo from the game to promote the next game.

Focus on why fans are buying.

Is it the tailgate, a rival matchup, or a promo? What makes your team unique? Call that out in the creative and ad copy.

  • Use imagery showcasing the fan experience. Fresno State does this with several experience action shots in responsive display ads, using copy that reflects their unique callouts. These can easily be swapped out with current gameday shots after each game.

Update your 1st party data targeting!

First, target a lookalike audience of current single-game buyers. Then, use relevant Fanbase personas to meet the right audience for single-game purchasers.

Keep it interesting!

Sometimes it pays to be different.

Instead of slapping on the matchup logos or calling out the next opponent, focus your ads on the content in a more thematic way. Find what makes your content compelling and harness that for sales.

Notre Dame did this with callouts for their Coach Victory promo and a $50 tickets promo. However, West Virginia made it less about the opponent and more about Family Day.

If You've Got It, Flaunt It.

Nothing sells tickets like a winning team. So don't be afraid to capture the momentum of your team's success to drive sales. Like this Michigan ad calling out their ranking! Remember to schedule your ads to end before the next kickoff to ensure they stay accurate.



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