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Step Up to the Plate with PAC Digital Marketing

Play Ball! Spring is in the air, and college baseball season is in full bloom. It’s not too late to strategize a plan to drive incremental baseball ticket sales with a multi-channel campaign. Here are a few key strategies and examples from the PAC Community.

Taking the Field – MLB Affinity

During and following the recent MLB lockout, targeting local MLB team affinity audiences proved to be a successful strategy, yielding an average of $10: $1 ROAS. The University of Cincinnati, University of California, Irvine, and Stanford University capitalized on this by using tailored ad copy, calling out the return of baseball and ticket affordability. UC Irvine targeted MLB fans in Orange County which drove the highest Click Through Rate (CTR) of .58%

Batting Lead Off – Google Search

Stanford is using Google Search ads to capture the interest of baseball fans and generate ticket sales. With added site link extensions, fans click through to learn more about available ticket types and experience a seamless path to purchase. $12 : $1 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), 23% CTR

UC Irvine included photos from their baseball team as image extensions on Google Search Ads. Image extensions make the ads stand out in the search results, improving CTR and overall results. 47% CTR, $14.46 : $1 ROAS.

Power Hitter – Responsive Display

Cincinnati leverages Google Responsive Display ads to drive incremental baseball singles ticket sales. Google’s algorithm generates ad combinations for websites, apps, YouTube, and Gmail placements by combining high-quality images, headlines, logos, and descriptions. As a result, their baseball ads are yielding a .57% CTR.

Creative On Deck

The University of Virginia created ads for Facebook and Google Display Ads to push ticket sales for baseball singles. By rotating multiple creatives within the campaign, the audience stays engaged. Overall $10 : $1 ROAS

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