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The groundbreaking Master Data Management solution is here!

We are proud to announce that our Master Data Management solution is now available to all.

Actionable Data Drives Revenue Growth.

Harnessing data is the key to understanding and engaging with fans and patrons. Paciolan is with you every step of the way to empower you to make data-driven decisions. With Paciolan’s MDM, your CRM platform surfaces the golden record and, within it, propensity scores. Together, you can be confident in your service, marketing, and sales efforts, because the account data is accurate and up-to-date, always.

“It was definitely a challenge to find the right account! Having Paciolan's MDM to bring everything together and organize it has become a game-changer. It makes everything a whole lot easier." -Dyllon Sue, CRM Manager for the University of California, Berkeley

The golden record in Salesforce will give you a single, unified account of your fans and patrons:

What does MDM do?

Simply put, the MDM process cleans and maintains the data as the customer grows and changes over time. When you access Salesforce, you can trust the account data you are viewing is accurate and current.

Paciolan’s identity resolution process integrates customer profiles into a single, unified record in your CRM. The golden record will also continually evolve alongside the customer.

“MDM consolidates all the information and prevents it from being scattered across multiple accounts, ultimately streamlining our marketing efforts and saving our sales team time by having it all in one account.” - Brian Fordyce, Assistant Athletics Director, Business Strategy, Purdue University

Paciolan’s MDM is more than a process; it's a catalyst for transforming your organization's capabilities.

Benefits of MDM to Your Organization

Due to fragmented customer data, businesses in today's data-driven world find it challenging to gather valuable customer insights. At Paciolan, we offer master data management (MDM) and our proprietary identity resolution process to consolidate your data into a single, accurate record. As custodians of your fans' and patrons' data, we have a comprehensive data warehouse that covers every interaction, from ticket purchases to donations. Our unique identity resolution process allows us to tailor data merges based on your specific needs, resulting in accurate and trustworthy account profiles. With daily maintenance, your account data remains accurate and complete, providing a crystal-clear view of your evolving customer accounts.

“The most exciting part is being able to look at someone with a holistic view. It makes us work even smarter.” – Rachel Myers, Director of Ticket Sales and Service, University of Michigan

Coming Soon: Integrated Propensity Scoring

Get ready for Propensity Scoring, the next big thing for the golden record. With this feature, you can easily spot the most promising prospects for upsells, marketing offers, and renewal opportunities. You can see the propensity scores right in the account, so you know how likely they are to convert and how to best reach them.

Wondering if a prospect is ready to upgrade their season tickets, make merchandise purchases, or accept a special offer? This insight equips your team to make informed decisions, providing excellent customer service and boosting upsell opportunities. The account data becomes that much more actionable.

Stay tuned for the announcement!

Enhanced Customer Service and Engagement

The golden record opens doors to personalized engagements. Giving you insights into individual preferences and behaviors, forging a deeper connection with your fans and patrons.

Imagine a scenario where a fan contacts your customer support team, and the representative has immediate access to details about their season tickets, loyalty points, and donations. This not only enhances customer satisfaction by eliminating the need for customers to repeat their information and transaction history but also leaves them feeling recognized and appreciated. Companies with data-driven personalization initiatives report a 20% higher spend per customer [1].

Furthermore, as Paciolan's MDM process integrates the golden record into your CRM, it empowers you to optimize your marketing ROI. This connection enables the creation of tailored messages for various fan and patron segments.

Consider this: a single undergrad's preferences might differ significantly from those of a married donor. By delivering personalized messages, you can effectively upsell to your current fans. Respondents with data-driven personalization initiatives report a 27% increase in transactions [1] resulting in a sale.

“I've heard directly from the fans their experience has improved. I can give you an example from our Alumni Donor Club where they had an account but didn't use their donor account for purchases, so they were not able to access benefits online and would have to call us. After the account merge, they can log in using their donor account and enjoy all the benefits without having to call the office, saving them time.” - Paul Carenen, Director of Ticket Operations, Purdue University

By optimizing your understanding of your audience and leveraging MDM, you can enhance customer satisfaction, improve marketing effectiveness, and achieve greater engagement from your fans and patrons.

The Paciolan Difference

Step into a new era of secure, insightful, and evolving data management with our MDM solution, ensuring that your patrons' data is not just managed but transformed into a strategic advantage.

  • Our MDM solution is the most secure process and option because it’s MDM done at the source. As custodians of your fans' and patrons' data, our comprehensive data warehouse captures every interaction, from ticket purchases to generous donations. Because the data does not have to leave the warehouse, security is unmatched.

  • We have insider knowledge of your business because we understand ticketing, fundraising, and marketing. As a trusted partner, we speak your language and make sure the data is built and maintained to support you. Not data for data’s sake, but data that empowers everyone.

  • Our technology evolves with you and your customers. We do this in two ways. First, our proprietary identity resolution method doesn't stop at initial cleanup; it's an ongoing technology plug-in, ensuring the account profiles remain accurate and trustworthy. Second, our team continually looks for upgrades by sourcing ideas from you and the industry so the subsequent version is always better than the last.

"I appreciate having everything consolidated in Salesforce. With the next football season approaching and renewals underway, we're seeing positive changes. It's been months of continuous effort and all this work is leading to a significantly improved experience.” - Paul Carenen, Director of Ticket Operations, Purdue University

At Paciolan, we don't just offer data solutions; we offer a partnership as your data ally. So that you can embrace the confidence of a secure, industry-savvy, and forward-looking approach to data management – that's The Paciolan Difference.

The Technology is Here!

This groundbreaking MDM solution is ready and we invite you to embark on a journey of unparalleled customer satisfaction, heightened marketing effectiveness, and streamlined operations. Paciolan's MDM isn't just a product; it's a commitment to elevating your connection with fans. Here's to a future of enhanced experiences and unparalleled success. Get started and contact your client partner today.

Ready to dive in?

Visit Mastering Customer Data with MDM and contact your Client Partner to get started.


1) Deloitte Digital. “Want to pull ahead of the pack? Ramp up data-driven capabilities.”(2022, March). Research Highlights.


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