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Turning Ads Into Leads

We know our fans and patrons are searching for us online, but how do we turn those online inquiries into sales leads and closed revenue?

One of the tools we can use is Facebook and Google ad forms. With these ad forms, you can directly gather information at the source, from your fans and patrons.

You can use lead ads to:

  • Identify potential ticket buyers

  • Use custom questions to collect specific information from your fans and patrons

  • Gauge interest from your fans and patrons in premium seating options

  • Understand the interests and behaviors of potential new ticket buyers

Salesforce Lead Capture allows you to link your Facebook or Google Ad Form submissions directly to your CRM. These leads can then be converted into accounts in your database and tracked as opportunities through the sales lifecycle.

Please Note: If you are already using Salesforce Lead Capture, a new version must be installed by July 15 to maintain capturing Facebook and Google leads. Don't hesitate to contact your Paciolan Salesforce Admin with any questions.

If you have not yet explored the option of connecting your digital ad forms to Salesforce, talk to your Paciolan Salesforce Administrator today!



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