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University of Nebraska: Multi-Channel Digital Advertising Campaign

The University of Nebraska is currently running a Mini Plan campaign and are utilizing a multi-channel approach to increase demand via platforms such as Display and YouTube while capturing that demand by running a Google Search campaign. Working with their digital marketing strategist, the Cornhuskers team also built out a social campaign to help solidify our demand creation and capture efforts.

For the social campaign, Nebraska is targeting a CRM list of new football ticket transfer accounts generated in the 2021 season and built out an ad set targeting those individuals, while also building a look alike ad set in Facebook to generate additional engagement. Both ad sets currently have a higher ROAS than traditional Retargeting and Affinity ad sets.

Results (to date):

  • 775k+ Impressions

  • 5k+ Clicks

  • $6.5:$1 ROAS

  • $60k+ Revenue Generated


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