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Unlocking the Power of Page Layouts

Whether you are an established Salesforce user or just starting out, now might be the time to consider utilizing page layouts to enhance your user experience. With a few simple adjustments to your layouts, we can provide quick and concise insights into your accounts. In this blog, we’ll explore how to maximize the potential of Salesforce Lightning Pages to help visualize your patrons' purchase history and fundraising activities.

What’s Wrong With Our Current Layout?

You may be thinking, what’s wrong with the layout we have now? The answer is, nothing. At the end of the day, the data is the data. Your related data doesn’t change by altering your page layouts. It’s not like adding a few tabs is going to make a new $10,000 pledge appear (I wish). When looking at an account, however, have you ever wondered to yourself, “Has this person been trending up or down in their giving history?” or “I wonder how close they are to the next membership level?” The answers to these types of questions can pop out instantly on an account, with a few minor changes to our page layout.


An active account might have many years of ticket purchase data, fundraising dates, membership data, etc. You can see all of these items in related lists, but often an account has many years worth of records in a related list, and it can be hard to navigate. By utilizing tabs, we can break out specific records that fit specific criteria that are more relevant and useful to a sales rep.

A screenshot of Tabs on a Salesforce Account

Dynamic Related Lists

Within tabs, we can utilize dynamic related lists. This allows us to take our normal related records lists and break them out by specific criteria. For example, an account has years and years of season ticket transactional data spanning across multiple sports. By utilizing dynamic related lists, we are able to break out the current seasons of interest and separate relevant transaction data from the rest.

A screenshot of related Football and Men's Basketball Season Ticket Purchases
A screenshot of all other Ticketing Transactions related to a given Salesforce Account


To further enhance our tabs, consider adding charts to visualize some of the most relevant data. In this example, we are looking at a visual representation of the past five years of giving history. Quickly getting a visual for these sorts of data points can gain insight into gift-giving or ticket purchase trends.

A Dynamic chart displaying previous 5 years of donation summaries related to a given Salesforce Account
A Chart showing an account's giving progress to their next memebership level


By creating custom tabs, lists, and charts to view ticket purchase history and fundraising activities, you can gain deeper insights into your accounts and make more informed decisions. Reach out to your Salesforce admin today and unlock the power of page layouts!



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