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Upgrade your Renewal Strategy with Marketing Automation

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Season ticket renewal campaigns generate critical revenue for your organization. As you prepare for your upcoming renewal cycle, take advantage of these Marketing Automation assets and campaigns to take your strategy to the next level!

A renewal invoice for the Army West Point Football

Invoices & Statements

As your fans become more comfortable with digital assets, consider creating a digital Invoice or Statement to accompany your renewal campaigns. When created through Marketing Automation, you can deliver a personalized Invoice online to your customers to show what they owe for their renewal without logging in to My Account on eVenue. They can even print and return the invoice to renew to help accommodate your more traditional fan.

A standard invoice using our templates, like the examples below from TCU and Army West Point, can typically be created in 2-3 weeks. Reach out to your Marketing Automation Rep to get our checklist to get started!

Landing Pages & Personalized URLs

Whether you create your landing page in Eloqua’s native drag-and-drop builder or work with the Marketing Automation team to code your full HTML microsite, providing renewal information in one place is key for renewals. So let your email be short and sweet and link to a personalized page with account information, invoice and renewal links, and other information needed to make their renewal decision.

The native landing page editor in Eloqua allows you to create these dynamic landing pages quickly on your timeline, with minimal assistance from your Marketing Automation Rep. Here is an example from Pitt that they created to send specifically to season-ticket holders:

If you have more lead time (8-10 weeks), you can work with our Marketing Automation web developer to create a custom HTML PURL like this example below from NC State:

An example of an automated renewal email chain

Automated Renewal Reminders

Let the automation platform work for you, and use a multi-step campaign to automate your renewal reminders all season long. First, finalize your reminder emails ahead of time, confirm logic for what is a “renewed” account, and decide when to send each reminder email.

You can then work with your Marketing Automation Rep to create a multi-step campaign like this, where you can execute your entire season of reminder emails from a single campaign.

While this approach has more work on the front end, in the long run, it will create efficiency and allow you to focus on other campaigns, knowing renewal communication is taken care of.

A Rutgers football email example

Automated Thank You Campaigns

Once an account has renewed their season tickets, you can follow up with an automated email with more information. You can thank the fan for their support, provide them with important information about their season tickets, provide links to more information for the season, and even provide timeline information about seat selections and more.

These campaigns are also a great touchpoint to anything new to your season tickets – whether that is a new coach or new season ticket holder benefits.

This simple automation can be created quickly, needing only an email and logic of what is a “renewed” account to get started.

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