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What to Do When They Won’t Renew

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When the renewal deadline has come and gone, you are left with a handful of accounts who have not renewed. What do you do with them?

First things first, ask them why! Through Eloqua, you can create a simple form asking fans why they are not renewing. Include a dropdown of common reasons fans don’t renew or have an open text box for them to write out their comments, or both.

Once responses are submitted, they can flow into Salesforce for your sales team to follow up with. Now armed with the knowledge of what objection they are going to get and ready to battle, your sales team is sure to get a few more renewals locked in.

For fans who still choose not to renew, send them targeted messaging with offers that may be more appealing to them based on why they aren’t renewing:

  • Pricing: Do you have a family or affordable-seating section? Or, do you have a mobile season ticket pass that is sold at a lower price than their previous seats? This is what you will want to offer them. Send targeted emails to these folks with the price point as the lead message. If they still don’t purchase, be sure to send this group information on mini-plans as a way they can still attend a few games this season at a lower cost than season tickets.

  • No Longer in the Area: If someone has moved away and can’t make it to each game this season, perhaps a mini plan is a better option for them. Or, if they’re too far to make the trip multiple times, send them a save the date for the homecoming game this year and follow up with any available hotel and car rental options from your sponsorship team. Also be sure this group is included in your single game messaging this summer so if the homecoming game doesn’t work with their schedule, they can make the trip for another game.

  • Team Performance: Team performance is not within the control of the marketing team, but the fan experience is! Remind these fans how regardless of the final score, they can still have a great time on campus this fall. Highlight the most fun parts of gameday – tailgating options, pregame festivities and traditions, concessions options, the chants and cheers, and everything else they cannot experience from their couch. You can also take a tug-at-the-heartstrings approach and remind your fans that win or lose, student-athletes need their support on gameday. Plus, what better way to help recruit the best incoming talent than with a full stadium cheering on the team!

  • Other: If they won’t make it to the games this season, remind them of other ways they can support student-athletes and the team, like by becoming a new donor or increasing their current donation. They can also still rep the team with a purchase from your merchandise partner. Throughout the season, be sure to send them details on how to watch each game on TV and ways they can still be engaged with the team, even if they aren’t on campus.

Don’t forget to utilize these lists when launching your digital campaigns too! Work with your digital marketing rep to find the best way to incorporate these leads into your upcoming campaigns.

Three examples of Baylor Bear emails focused on fans who have not renewed their season tickets

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