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Unlocking Success: PMI Entertainment Group's Winter Wedding Show Soars with Google's PMAX

PMI Entertainment Group Winter Wedding Show with Google PMAX

PMI Entertainment Group utilizes Google's Performance Max (PMAX) to promote ticket sales for their recurring Winter Wedding Show. This dynamic marketing approach has resulted in an impressive 30 conversions in just one week, achieving a remarkable $10:1 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

An image of wedding expo ads on the PMAX platforms

The Power of Google's PMAX

PMI Entertainment Group has taken a bold step by utilizing Google's PMAX to enhance the visibility of their Winter Wedding Show. Unlike traditional campaigns, PMAX allows ads to be served seamlessly across all Google channels, operating under a unified campaign budget.

Early Wins

The impact of this strategic move is evident in the first week alone. With 30 recorded conversions, the Winter Wedding Show attracts attention and generates substantial interest among potential attendees.


Google's PMAX offers a consolidated and efficient approach to advertising. It maximizes exposure by utilizing various Google channels, ensuring that the Winter Wedding Show is promoted comprehensively to a diverse audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Google's PMAX?

A1: Google's PMAX, or Performance Max, is an advanced advertising campaign type that allows ads to be served across all Google channels within a single campaign budget.

Q2: How does PMAX differ from traditional campaigns?

A2: Unlike traditional campaigns, PMAX operates seamlessly across various Google channels, optimizing reach and impact.


In conclusion, PMI Entertainment Group's adoption of Google's PMAX for their Winter Wedding Show has proven to be a game-changer. The early success, marked by 30 conversions and a $10:1 ROAS, showcases the effectiveness of this innovative campaign type.

If you're looking to boost your event's visibility, considering Google's PMAX could be the strategic move your campaign needs. Embrace the power of comprehensive advertising and witness the results unfold.

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