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Revving Up Your Holidays: Ford Idaho Center's Exclusive Offer Extravaganza

An image of a concert at the Ford Idaho Center with the logo of the center overlaid.

In a savvy move, Ford Idaho Center seized the pre-holiday calm to launch an email extravaganza that got everyone's attention.

As a premier venue with a packed schedule, precision was key. The INSIDER email hit inboxes just in time for the Thanksgiving feast, unveiling a treasure trove of discounts and goodies that extended seamlessly into Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The center rolled out special offers for over ten events. To sweeten the deal, they offered "Half Off Parking" through ParkMobile—because every journey should start with a stress-free parking spot.

Ford Idaho Center conveniently corralled all their festive specials in one place on their website. Check out the full lineup of dynamite offers on a promo page. Thus far, the campaign has driven an additional 1,056 ticket sales.

An image of a phone and a desktop highlighting the holiday offer ads from the Ford Idaho Center.


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