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5 Reasons You Should Be Investing in OTT and CTV Video Marketing

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Introductions – What are OTT and CTV?

OTT Stands for “Over-the-Top”, which refers to the delivery of video content over the internet. Think video streaming through internet-connected devices such as your mobile device, media player (i.e. Roku, Apple TV), gaming consoles and smart TVs.

CTV stands for “Connected TV”, which refers to televisions or devices that can connect to the internet to access OTT content.

Reasons to Invest in OTT and CTV

Access to a Growing Audience

  • With 1 in 5 adults completely abandoning cable TV, the number of cord-cutters is expected to continue to rise. In the US, roughly 223 million people viewed content through connected TVs in 2022. This shift in consumer behavior means advertisers investing in CTV video streaming can reach a larger and more engaged audience. Pac Digital thinks of this as “Fishing where the fish are.”

Broad Inventory Access

  • Paciolan uses Google’s robust DV360 platform to access all OTT and CTV inventory – which now also includes the largest CTV publisher, YouTube. By negotiating and selecting available inventory through the public and private marketplace, your Paciolan Digital rep can select from various premium Sports and Entertainment packages at a comparable CPM rate.

    • Video Placements Include Free and Video Subscription Ad-Supported Television + Apps

Targeting Capabilities

  • Targeting for both OTT video and CTV campaigns can vary depending on the specific device the viewer is watching on.

    • OTT Video advertising offers demographic, interest-based, geolocation, and device targeting.

    • One key advantage of CTV is the ability to serve ads at the household level. Typically, we’ll want to focus on geolocation targeting with added contextual layers (i.e., targeting sports or entertainment-related content)

Real-Time Reporting

  • Unlike traditional media or Cable TV buys, we can report on OTT/CTV data, including impressions, views, completion rates, and cost per completed view, to better evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns.

  • A significant benefit of utilizing Paciolan for your OTT marketing is the availability of reporting in one centralized place via your Google Looker Studio performance dashboard.

Client Examples

Cal Bears – Men’s Basketball, Impressions: 127,553 CPM: $29.71, CPV: $0.03

Fabulous Fox Theatre – Mean Girls, Impressions: 289,855 CPM: $36.29, CPV: $0.04

WWE – New Orleans, Impressions: 323,301 CPM: $35.48, CPV: $0.03

Complementary to Overall Marketing Mix

  • Video content is essential and compelling when it comes to selling tickets and driving incremental attendance to live events. By showcasing highlights, the unique event atmosphere, or even the behind-the-scenes footage through video, you can create an emotional connection with fans streaming on the couch.

  • OTT/CTV advertising should be viewed as a top-funnel awareness play, incremental to your digital marketing efforts.

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