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Converting Marketing Activities to Warm Sales Leads

How to Use Salesforce to Take Advantage of Eloqua Marketing Activities

As you transition to Eloqua marketing tools, it is an excellent time to show how your fanbase’s clicks and other activities can turn into warm leads for your sales teams. Salesforce is the prime destination for taking full advantage of your Eloqua marketing efforts by allowing you to see who filled out a ticket interest form or viewed your impressive new email campaign and convert these activities into warm sales opportunities. Use the following tools to access this cornucopia of leads.

Matched Marketing Activities

Any Marketing Activity connected to an existing account in Salesforce will become a Matched Marketing Activity, which can be converted directly into an Opportunity. These are on the new Eloqua Matched Marketing Activities dashboard. Allow the populated Marketing Activity fields to inform your decision on what kind of Opportunity you want to create.

Unmatched Marketing Activities

Use Unmatched Marketing Activities to create a new Account/Contact, or create a new Account/Contact with an associated opportunity right from the Marketing Activity page. These are on the new Eloqua Unmatched Marketing Activities dashboard. If you decide to create a new Account/Contact, the Marketing Activity becomes a Matched Marketing Activity. You will be presented with the same option to create an Opportunity directly from the Marketing Activity page.


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