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Experiences Matter

Do you remember what it was like attending your first live event? The chills going through your entire body as the crowd roared for kick-off, or the anticipation you felt as your favorite artist appeared on stage? It’s time to remind fans of these experiences again!

With the lack of live events over the last two years, our industry developed unique ways to bring the game day and concert atmosphere to our fans' homes. As a result, fans can enjoy a live game or concert from the comfort of their couch.

The desire to attend events is at an all-time high now that COVID restrictions are lifting and more live events are returning. According to Google, demand for concerts and music festivals is expected to grow by 57% this year, while the demand for sports events tickets is expected to grow by 30% this year.

However, while demand is at an all-time high, so are cancellation rates. Whether out of convenience or COVID-related, fans are more hesitant to attend live events again. This creates a new challenge: Getting fans off the couch and into the stands.

Connect with fans post-pandemic

Remind fans of the thrill of attending live events. Show your audience what they are missing by not being in person at your event. It’s not just a game. It’s the experience that matters.

Creating memories

Illinois and Michigan utilize tailgate and family photos in responsive display ads to remind fans that games are an exciting experience for all ages.

Highlight the in-game experience

Nebraska and Wake Forest create the ultimate hype videos displaying several shots of the crowd to show the excitement and what it’s like to watch the game from inside the stadium.


Wake Forest

Utilize FOMO

NC State shows fans what it looks like to join “The Pack” through a powerful video while adding copy, encouraging them not to miss out on the experience.

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