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Fanbase & PAC Digital: A Digital Fairytale

Once upon a time, PAC Digital met Fanbase and it was data-driven-decisions at first sight. They came together to find a way to help people use more data insights to drive more ticket sales. As their relationship grew, so did their client's ticket sales. Together they created ways to elevate the success of digital for Fanbase + PAC Digital clients. And they lived happily every after, with incremental revenue and increased click-through rates.

Chances are you are familiar with Paciolan's Digital services or Learfield's Fanbase, hopefully both! Our teams work closely together - we meet regularly to innovate on how we can help you reach more fans and sell more tickets. Our unique relationship allows us to use your Fanbase data directly in your digital ad campaigns as direct targets or lookalike audiences. Over time, the Fanbase data we're ingesting into digital campaigns has evolved and we consistently see performance rising with these segments. Here are a few success stories from this digital fairytale.

Just a friendly disclaimer that these targeting tactics are only available for clients signed on with both Fanbase and Paciolan digital marketing services.

Fanbase Data Audience Segments

Fanbase data can be used as a direct target of each fan profile or as a lookalike audience. We typically see the best outcome when using both targeting tactics together. It's most common to incorporate these into your social ads where we see CRM and Lookalike audiences thrive. We will also include these in corresponding display and YouTube ads on Google networks as well.

Ole Miss - Football & Basketball Ads

Ole Miss is using Fanbase data for target audiences in digital Ads on Meta. Using targeting and lookalike audiences for their top Fan Profiles: Country Consumers, Empty Nesters, Small Town Supporters. For the single game campaigns, Fanbase audiences accounted for 63% of the total conversions in Meta ads. Fanbase audiences in the Men's Basketball campaign accounted for 57% of the total conversions in Meta ads. And 56% of conversions for the Women's Basketball ads.

Southern Methodist University - Football Ads

SMU is using Fanbase data for target audiences in digital Ads on Meta. Using targeting and lookalike audiences for their top Fan Profiles: Trendy Urbanite, Big city Affluent, Metro Middle Class. In the Season ticket campaign, Metropolitan Middle Class Lookalike had the best performance and Fanbase audiences accounted for 69% of the conversions in Meta ads. The ads overall had a $27 : $1 ROAS and a .62% CTR.

Washington State University - Men's Basketball Ads

WSU is using Fanbase data for Meta ads promoting single games, as well as mini plans. Their top profiles for Metropolitan Middle Class, Country Consumers, and Small town Supporters are working well together, bringing in the majority of the campaign conversions (72% of Singles conversions and 93% of mini plan conversions).

University of Illinois - Men's Basketball Seasons

Illinois used Fanbase segments to promote men's basketball season tickets using an action packed video in the ads. The conversions from Fanbase segments made up 68% of the overall conversions, with a campaign ROAS of $31 : $1.

Aside from these specific targeting tactics using direct Fanbase data, the PAC Digital team often finds more data points in the Fanbase dashboards to help influence affinity targeting. There are so many ways to utilize the Fanbase data in Digital.

Reach out to your PAC Digital rep to help make your digital fairytale dreams come true!


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