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Digital Marketing’s Day at YouTube

YouTube Visit Collage

YouTube is more than just a video-sharing platform; it's a global phenomenon that has reshaped the way the world consumes content and how consumers consider purchasing a product. Paciolan’s Digital Marketing Team had the incredible opportunity to step into the heart of YouTube at Google's Offices in Playa Vista, California for the YouTube Ads Workshop: Creative and AI. Tag along to see behind-the-scenes footage and learn some marketing key takeaways from the day.

Why Advertise on YouTube?

The digital space for video content grows each and every day. Consumers rely on the ability to envision a product in their life before committing to a purchase. One of the leading channels for the video path to purchase is YouTube, where 40% of users say they purchased products they discovered through an ad or video. With 230 million users in the United States alone on YouTube and 150 million users on CTV products, it is crucial to be reaching consumers how they want it and on the platforms they are utilizing daily.

Video Best Practices

To make the most out of this dynamic platform, it is essential to understand and implement best practices to appropriately measure the impact of your YouTube video advertising. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when it comes to YouTube best practices:

YouTube Shorts

With 50 billion daily views globally, it is undeniable that YouTube Shorts are here to stay. Moreover, the incorporation of vertical video is essential for boosting conversion rates, as it holds the potential to enhance conversions by approximately 25%.

Long Form v. Short Form Content

Long-form content (specifically ads that run for 31-60 seconds or longer) is more likely to have a positive impact on purchase intent, making them valuable assets to include in video campaigns. When comparing long-form and short-form content, it is evident that YouTube Shorts captures a distinct segment of viewers that may be overlooked if not included alongside long-form videos. Integrating short-form and long-form content within your video campaigns can help bridge the gap between quick, engaging snippets and more in-depth content. Moreover, YouTube’s algorithm is adept at recommending different videos tailored to individual user preferences, ensuring that your content reaches the right audience at the right time.

Observable Audiences

Before launching your campaign, it is essential to identify your observable audience, which comprises individuals who have viewed your YouTube videos within the last 30 days. This list should be created prior to initiating the campaign. Once established, you can segment these individuals in your performance campaign on YouTube, or even Display as well. Specifically, you’ll want to target those who have watched the video before making a purchase decision. Statistics show that people who have engaged with your video content are more likely to exhibit conversion rates that are at least 100% higher compared to those who haven’t interacted with your video. For more information, please contact your Digital Marketing Representative.


Overall, in order to effectively execute video best practices, it is important to include at least one video in each orientation. Furthermore, it is recommended to include three or more videos, as this tends to yield a more significant lift in brand awareness and conversion rates compared to featuring only a single video.

New Creative Tools

After sharing the importance of YouTube coverage and hearing best practices from a selection of prestige influencers, the experts at YouTube showcased new Creative Product offerings available to marketers. Each of these new tools can be utilized by your Paciolan Digital Marketing Rep to craft the best YouTube strategy for your event.

Video Creation*

Lacking video content in a certain aspect ratio? Not anymore! Google now offers the ability to create YouTube videos with just a few organic images. After picking from a lineup of templates, your organic images will be paired with customizable copy to deliver the proper message for your event. Lastly, a variety of music options will be available to take your creative to the next level. Now you are all set to run a YouTube Video campaign!

*Minimum Spend Required

Artwork at the Google Office

Voice Over

When it comes to viewing habits, an overwhelming 95% of people watch YouTube videos with the sound on. Google presenters stressed the importance of having quality audio on your video ads, citing examples of when someone might not be looking while the ad is playing. With Google’s new Voice Over offering, marketers are able to add text-to-talk voice on any video. Pick from six different voice options to enhance your video with branded messaging.

Trim Video

In a YouTube Campaign, there are many different video types, all with different strategy objectives. A YouTube Shorts campaign may require a 15-second vertical video, while an In-Stream Skippable ad requires a 30-second horizontal creative. At Pac, we know that sometimes, asking your creative team to provide multiple different video layouts is a daunting task. With Google’s new “Trim Video” tool, your Digital Marketing Rep can take an existing video and shorten it to the desired length for your campaign objective. Popular short-form ads include:

  • 6 Second Bumper Ads

  • 10 Second Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

  • 15 Second Skippable In-Stream Ads

Paciolan's Digital Marketing team with Google Reps

Visiting the Google offices for the YouTube Ads Workshop: Creative and AI left Paciolan’s Digital Marketing team feeling excited to strengthen existing YouTube campaigns with learned best practices and eager to try new creative resources for video creative. If you’re interested in talking to a Digital Marketing Rep about all the opportunities of YouTube, “like and subscribe” below!


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