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Maximizing Game Day Experience: The Impact of Single Game Parking Upsell at Rutgers University

Rutgers University Football Game Parking

The full Rutgers email with details about parking.

In the dynamic world of sports marketing, universities constantly seek innovative ways to enhance the fan experience. With its vibrant football culture, Rutgers University implemented a strategic Single Game Parking Upsell campaign that added convenience for fans and boosted revenue.

The Upsell Strategy:

Picture this scenario: a fan excitedly purchases a single-game football ticket but overlooks the option to add parking during the transaction. Recognizing this potential revenue stream, Rutgers implemented a follow-up email campaign targeting those who hadn't included parking in their initial order.

Campaign Success:

Over the course of the season, the results were impressive. The campaign successfully sold 273 parking passes, translating to $8,140 in direct revenue. This showcased the upsell strategy's effectiveness and emphasized the untapped opportunities within the fanbase.


Rutgers University's Single Game Parking Upsell campaign illustrates the power of targeted marketing. By recognizing and capitalizing on a seemingly minor aspect of the fan experience, the university provided added convenience and increased direct revenue.

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