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Marketing Automation: Three Best Practices to Prep for the Football Season

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Kickoff is quickly approaching! Now is a great time to review best practices recommended by Paciolan’s Marketing Automation team to help get fans off the couch and in the stands cheering on gameday.

Cart Abandonment

Using the Eloqua and Oracle Infinity automatic tracking on eVenue, you can reach out to customers who have abandoned football tickets in their online cart. It can serve as a gentle reminder for them to complete the purchase and can even serve specific messaging based on which item they abandon – whether it be season tickets, single games, or mini plans.

Take it to the next level by adding a Salesforce integration at the end of the campaign. If someone receives a cart abandonment email and still fails to purchase tickets, they can be pushed over to Salesforce, where a sales rep can directly follow up with them in hopes of getting them over the purchasing hump.

Examples of mobile football cart abandonment ads

Web Nurturing

Save time this summer by automating your football sales messaging through a Web Nurturing campaign!

Using Eloqua’s segment builder, you can create a list of your most highly-engaged contacts that have yet to purchase football tickets. Track marketing activities such as email opens/clicks, form submission data, previous purchasing history, and website visits using Eloqua’s first-party tracking scripts. These campaigns can rerun daily, adding in new contacts who meet the criteria every time.

Again, we recommend incorporating a Salesforce integration into these campaigns for customers who engage with your sales messaging but fail to purchase tickets, so sales reps can easily find the most qualified leads.

Two examples of football web nurturing ads

Ticket Landing Pages

Take advantage of Eloqua’s native landing page builder by creating Ticket Information pages for football tickets. Here you can house a ton of information on the upcoming season while presenting the benefits of purchasing various ticket packages.

Additionally, consider embedding an Eloqua interest form on the page, which can automatically be pulled into a Salesforce dashboard. You can reduce the clutter in your email messaging by sending customers to one of these landing pages, where they can learn all about ticket opportunities before passing them over to eVenue to make the purchase.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of these various best practices, reach out to your Marketing Automation rep to get the process started. Want to see more of our Eloqua best practices? Check out the Marketing Automation Central page!

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