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Meet the ALL-IN-1 Pass

All-In-1 Pass Header, Simplify Your Wallet

Smart and simple are two words that will come to mind when meeting the ALL-IN-1 pass. ALL-IN-1 pass transforms the way fans and patrons manage their event tickets, reducing the hassle of sifting through a cluttered digital wallet.

Imagine having an entire season of games consolidated into just one ticket. With ALL-IN-1, this becomes a reality. Download each ALL-IN-1 ticket just once per seat, and enjoy the convenience of a single pass that rotates before each event. Whether it's a sports season, a series of performances, or a set of shows, ALL-IN-1 pass streamlines the ticketing process, providing an unmatched level of convenience.

ALL-IN-1 has exceeded our expectations! We received minimal questions on how it works. We even had fans, who think it is cool, explain how it works to our gameday staff. We will absolutely continue to utilize the ALL-IN-1 pass for baseball and will look to implement it for other sports as well.

Holdyn Halperin, Associate AD, the University of Miami

The ALL-IN-1 pass stays up-to-date if tickets are transferred or become unavailable. Patrons still enjoy the flexibility of transferring or selling tickets via My Account - and the ALL-IN-1 pass is equipped to handle the changes.

As technology continues to advance and consumer expectations evolve, ALL-IN-1 pass represents the future of digital ticketing. Paciolan's commitment with ALL-IN-1 speaks to the possibilities and future advancements; beyond the pass, beyond ticketing, beyond expectations. So, get ready to revolutionize your ticket management and embrace the convenience of ALL-IN-1 – the smart ticket solution for today's modern world.


Hear what a 21-year Season Ticket Holder has to say about ALL-IN-1.

A University of California, Irvine Baseball Season Ticket Holder shares how the ALL-IN-1 pass has simplified his life, making ticket management a breeze and allowing him to focus on the joy of being a loyal fan.

"In my wallet now for UCI baseball, I have 1 ticket. It only changed for the better. Only the game that's upcoming is in my phone's wallet, I don't have 37 games for the whole season in my wallet[...] it's only been a positive experience."

Mike Arias, 21-year Season Ticket Holder

Always have the right ticket at your fingertips. Simplify your wallet, with ALL-IN-1.


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