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Utah Tech University Taps into Paciolan

IRVINE, Calif. (June 21, 2022) — Paciolan, the leading ticketing, fundraising, and marketing solution provider for college athletics, has entered into a long-term relationship with Utah Tech University (Formerly Dixie State University). Paciolan will provide Utah Tech with a comprehensive solution, including integrated mobile ticketing, fundraising, marketing, and access technologies for all campus-wide events.

We strive to offer the best possible fan experience with the leading technology in college athletics. We look forward to delivering the next level of fan engagement and services with Paciolan as our partner.

Ken Beazer, Executive Director of Intercollegiate Athletics of Utah Tech University

Trailblazers fans will take advantage of mobile ticketing and tap-and-go contactless entry powered by Paciolan. Fans will have the option to purchase mobile tickets, receive them via text, and enter the venue with contactless NFC (near field communication) technology. Trailblazers fans can also manage their tickets directly from their mobile devices and seamlessly transfer or exchange tickets for events they cannot attend. These account management features provide a seamless fan experience while offering Utah Tech Athletics rich data to personalize future communications.

As a fast-growing university going through many changes, we knew it was the right time to partner with a company that will not only be able to keep up with our demand but allow us to be more engaged in the experience and technology patrons are used to in 2022. Partnering with Paciolan will bring a much more seamless experience to all ticketed events held on or near campus.

Westley Petty, Assistant to VP for Event Services

Season ticket and subscription holders will enjoy an integrated ticketing solution powered by Paciolan. Fans will be able to purchase and manage tickets online while providing Utah Tech athletics and arts with a holistic view of each customer to provide personalized offers and nurture lifelong relationships.

Utah Tech will access Paciolan’s integrated email marketing solution to provide targeted communications to fans and donors. This powerful email marketing platform is integrated with Paciolan ticket purchase history and attendance data to create unique marketing messages tailored for each fan based on their interests and preferences.

Utah Tech staff will tap into Paciolan’s full service and centralized support to set up and manage athletics, and events on campus throughout this relationship. In addition, these services come with built-in fraud monitoring and protection to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity.

It is exciting to see the continued growth of the fantastic Utah Tech program. We are thrilled to partner with Utah Tech to power innovative digital ticketing and marketing technology and help to fuel fan engagement.

Kim Damron President and CEO, Paciolan



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