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Automating Upsells to Target Specific Buyers

Header image of the Naval Academy football field with the logo overlaid.

To help increase Blue-N*-Gold membership, Navy Athletics employed automated upsell emails to specifically target single-game football buyers, promoting their 'Anchor Club' and outlining its membership benefits.

The Results

Since launching in August, they’ve sent 4,869 emails – seeing a 41% open rate and 6.76% click rate.

More importantly – they’ve seen 30 accounts who opened or clicked the email and donated within 30 days, leading to $7,525 in new pledges directly to their Blue-N*-Gold allocation and an additional $1,000 to their Navy Rugby Alumni Association allocation. Since July 31st of this year, the total is now at $14,000 in new pledges.

An example email from the Blue-N-Gold with the headline "Check Out the new and improved 'Anchor Club'"

An example email with the headline "Become a Member Today"

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