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Expand Your Search Presence with Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) might be the refresh you need if you’re looking for fresh ideas to spring your paid search forward! Dynamic Search Ads connect your content to how consumers search on Google.

How do Dynamic Search Ads work?

Google automatically pairs search terms to your site from on-page content, generating dynamic headlines and the most relevant landing page for the event or item the user searched.

Why should you try it?

Let Google do the work! Dynamic Search Ads leverage your website content to target your ads and can help fill in the gaps of your keyword-based campaigns by providing expanded coverage for selected pages on your site. Early results have shown nearly double the clicks and conversions generated from standard search ads at a similar cost per acquisition.

Success at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta

The Fox needed a way to increase web traffic and sales for all individual shows. In addition, some shows check in regularly on website traffic and performance, asking how to improve. So, the Fox invested more in Google Search and implemented Dynamic Search Ads to their always-on paid search campaign to solve this.

These dynamic ads are different from standard ads Fox ran previously because the targeting is dynamic to the website content instead of standard keyword targeting. Previously, they were updating keywords regularly for new events, but there would likely be a delay in something going up on the site and adding the new keywords. They would also have the same general headline in the ad for “Fox Theatre Events,” where DSA generates specific ad copy for the searched event.

The Fox saw the improvement almost immediately with more traffic to the event detail pages and increased sales. The dynamic target is set for “URL contains /events/detail/” supplying coverage for every event detail page on

Now every show feels the love, and each search term generates a unique ad for that user! This campaign is ongoing to capture demand year-round. Currently, the results for dynamic ads show a $44: $1 ROAS and 2X the clicks and conversions compared to the standard ads - truly filling in the gaps of the standard keywords.

The dynamic target translates to unique search terms and headlines, as shown below.



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