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How ALL-IN-1 Gets the Job Done: Virginia Tech & University of Texas at Austin share their success

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Ensuring a seamless game day experience for fans is paramount, especially when expecting big crowds. Ticketing professionals may face connectivity issues, gate line congestion, and customer frustration. To address them, both institutions turned to the innovative solution of ALL-IN-1, a smart ticket that automatically updates in the wallet.

We spoke with Brad Wurthman from Virginia Tech and Corbin Hunt from the University of Texas at Austin to learn how ALL-IN-1 not only revolutionized the fan experience but also generated operational efficiencies.


The Challenge

In the past, season ticket holders download mobile tickets to their wallets by accessing their accounts or email every week. It’s a cumbersome process that ripples into other frustrations for fans. You may be familiar with these groups:

  • The "Procrastinators" – (AKA the “I’ll get to it later” group) Whether it's prioritizing the Longhorns game day outfit, managing the kids, or enjoying the HokieBird tailgate, fans still somehow wait until the last minute to add tickets to their digital wallet. This delay often leads to gate line congestion as they scramble to connect to WiFi, log in, and download their tickets before each game.

  • The “Tech-Challenged” (AKA the “I just don’t get it” group) To put it kindly, this group isn't the most tech-savvy. Even with repeated guidance, they frequently ask the same question every week: "How do I download my tickets?" You've practically become on a first-name basis with them.

Needless to say, their staff is spending too much time reminding fans to download their tickets.


"ALL-IN-1 has changed the narrative on mobile tickets for our loyal season ticket holders, many of whom resisted in the past due to the inconvenience of finding their tickets each week. Multi-game buyers now enjoy the convenience of storing their tickets all in one place."

Corbin Hunt, Associate Athletics Director of Ticket Sales, Services, and Operations, University of Texas at Austin


The Solution

The ALL-IN-1 pass transforms the way fans and patrons manage their event tickets, reducing the hassle of sifting through a cluttered digital wallet. Fans download each ALL-IN-1 ticket just once per seat, and enjoy the convenience of a single pass that rotates before each event. One less task fans have to do, and one less thing staff has to worry about troubleshooting.

Change can be met with hesitation, as it's not always easy to embrace something new. According to Corbin Hunt, Texas fans needed reassurance that they can still transfer and resell tickets even when they're already in their wallet. Fortunately, with ALL-IN-1, fans maintain full control over each ticket to sell or transfer and it keeps passes up-to-date, even after they've been transferred or become unavailable.

An example of a Virginia Tech All-In-1 pass

Winning with Convenience

In August 2023, Virginia Tech welcomed ALL-IN-1 to their football game plan. What would have been over 200,000 individual tickets in their season ticket holder’s wallets have been reduced to about 35,000. Instead of having to download tickets six times for each home game, fans now enjoy the simplicity of doing it just once. A win-win for both the Hokies and their loyal fans!

An example of a Texas All-In-1 pass

Ticket Downloads Reach New Heights

For the University of Texas at Austin, ALL-IN-1 brought a significant shift in how fans engaged with mobile tickets, notably increasing wallet adoption rates. Two weeks before the football game against Kansas University, over 76% of passes were already downloaded to digital wallets. This trend continued, with 75% of passes already in wallets ten weeks before the final home football game. Fans clearly embraced the convenience, enhancing their overall experience.

Less Headache for Staff

Corbin and his staff noticed a decrease in season ticket holders approaching the resolution window. Game week inbound calls were no longer dominated by mobile ticket-related questions. Fans who had previously favored paper tickets due to the hassle of weekly downloads embraced the new convenience of ALL-IN-1. No more logging into accounts or searching for emails.

Similarly, Brad’s team moved away from “Let me help you download your ticket” to “How can we help you?” Not having to spend a great deal of time and effort reminding fans to download their tickets allows his staff to focus their energy on other initiatives.


Final Thoughts

While ALL-IN-1 was designed to elevate fan experience, it has proven to be a game-changer for operations staff as well. With higher download rates, reduced troubleshooting volume, and a seamless fan experience, ALL-IN-1 has brought in a new era of efficiency and peace of mind for Virginia Tech and The University of Texas at Austin.

Best. Upgrade. Yet

Brad Wurthman, Executive Associate AD/External Affairs and Advancement, Virginia Tech.

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