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Marketing Automation FAQ Series - Item vs Event Codes

Introducing the Marketing Automation FAQ series, short blog posts with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions!

This information is applicable for both Marketing Automation and PACmail users!

What’s the difference between an Item Code and Event Code?

An Item Code is the type of ticket someone purchased – season ticket, mini plan, single game ticket, etc. An Event Code refers to the game, show, or concert itself. Every ticket that allows fans to attend that game/show/concert is included in that Event.

This can often be confusing because many ticket offices use the same values for both the event codes and the single game item codes. For example, F01 may be the single game item code for the first football game of the season, while it may also be used as the event code for the first game. Check with your ticket office to confirm which values they use for their items and events.

Can I use my Season Ticket Item Code + Single Game Item Code to target everyone with tickets to my event?

While this will likely include most buyers, it may cause you to leave mini plan buyers and other ticket package buyers out of your segment who have tickets to the event.

How do I know when to use the Item Code vs when to use the Event Code?

Use the Event Code if your intended audience is everyone with tickets to the game/show/concert. This is ideal for things like Know Before You Go’s, Post Game Surveys, and Mobile Ticket Reminders.

Use the Item Code if your audience is determined by the type of ticket someone has purchased. This works well for things like Renewal Thank You’s (you are only sending to season ticket holders), Single Game Upsells (you are only sending to single game buyers), or Membership Info Emails (you are only sending to those with a membership purchased).


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