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New User Training App

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Salesforce is a great tool that can help simplify the lives of sales executives. One of the key benefits of a tool like Salesforce is the centralization of information such as contact information, past conversations, and new leads. But the usefulness of any tool is directly correlated with an understanding of how it works. A training app located in your Salesforce instance will help improve user adoption, data quality and productivity. Giving your staff the chance to learn at their own pace and be able to revisit their training is a cost-effective approach to onboarding that provides consistent results.

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Currently available in the New User Training App is a fully recorded training session as well as shorter videos that provide breakdowns of higher-level tools within the platform such as how to run reports, create email templates, and use our various screen flows.

An image of two screens with training Salesforce videos  showing

Have questions regarding Salesforce that the videos don’t answer? No problem! Use the Salesforce New User screen flow to ask questions that will escalate to your manager and eventually your Paciolan Admin! The answers to the cases are also saved on your instance for future reference.

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We provide a Best Practices tab with key tips for how to best use the basic functions within Salesforce.

A pop up window showing Salesforce best practices

Additional training materials are located on Salesforce’s Trailhead. We have posted links to a few modules that we believe are helpful. Check out the training app today! If it is not yet available in your org, reach out your Paciolan Salesforce Admin for help!

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