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PAC Live: Building Better User Experiences with Modular Design

You may remember that earlier this year, we introduced horizontal scrolling on our Event Detail page for more intuitive ticket management. Did you know that the exact same, updated module is also in the Quick Access feature?

This is the result of Modular Design. If the term seems familiar, it’s because you have probably seen the current trend in home furnishing: the modular couch. The various pieces come together to create a complete set-up. The couch is not custom, but you “build it” just for you and your space. And, you can add another piece to it or change the configuration later. Another way to think about it is building with blocks.

Modular design is at the heart of PAC Live’s User Experience approach. The familiarity and repeated modules allow users to recognize and comfortably navigate through the platform.

“By building familiar pathways throughout the user interface (UI), designers can ensure the site functions just like any other site, thereby allowing for superior experiences” - Goran Paun, Forbes.

The Power of User-Centric Experiences

Designing experiences with users in mind can greatly enhance speed and convenience for everyone. A familiar, standardized design helps users recognize patterns and navigate the platform effortlessly, leading to increased satisfaction. According to a Forrester study, a well-designed user interface can boost website conversion rates by up to 200%, while superior UX design can even yield conversion rates of up to 400%. Whether it's purchasing or transferring tickets, these user-centric experiences prioritize ease and accessibility.

Poised for Future Advancements

The modular design of PAC Live enables us to set the foundation for always improving user experience. With modular design, the user data is more apples-to-apples so we can see patterns in user behavior and make improvements and optimizations accordingly. The Harvard Business Review highlights that modular design fosters rapid innovation. By enabling businesses to swap, update, or add modules, new features can be introduced more efficiently, keeping the product relevant and exciting for users. we can iterate and improve the user experience faster, adapting to future demands, as the industry evolves.

Achieving Design Harmony

When we achieve design harmony throughout PAC Live, it creates a beautiful, unified experience across the entire platform, whether on desktop or mobile. PAC Live’s Modular design enhances user experiences by providing consistency and familiarity, reducing frustration.

“A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” - Steve Jobs

In Conclusion

The fear of losing control and creativity when adopting modular design is common. However, we now understand it opens doors to a new era of user-centric solutions that prioritize creativity and user satisfaction.

We’re steadily unlocking more capabilities with PAC Live! To see if you have events that qualify for the new platform, contact your CP and get the conversation going!

PAC Live is your intuitive mobile-first solution for live events. With over 70% of consumers accessing ticketing via mobile, PAC Live transforms the user journey with its engaging mobile-first design. Allowing fans and patrons to buy or sell tickets and manage donations all while standing in line for their morning coffee.



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