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Taking a Bow: A Season of My Account Enhancements

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With Labor Day just around the corner, it’s worth reflecting on the summer: places we’ve visited, goals we’ve accomplished, and the preparation for what comes next! Among a slew of exciting PAC Live developments, we have released a handful of excellent new features and enhancements designed to elevate the experience of the 70% of fans and patrons who manage event tickets with their mobile devices.

An animated gif of mobile ticket swiping

Here are five key updates that will improve your next ticketing season, and all the seasons ahead!

1. Redesigned Event Details Page: Swipe Left, Swipe Right!

The My Account ticket management experience is now sleeker, more intuitive, and utterly delightful. Horizontal swiping, elegant design, and prominent “Add to Wallet” functionality makes finding, transferring, and downloading to wallet easier than ever.

2. Expanded Shortcuts Widget: All You Need, One Tap Away

Efficiency meets elegance. Fans and patrons can access all enabled menu features without having to switch over to desktop or call the ticket office for help.

An image of the Seat Geek option on a mobile ticketing ap

3. Partnership with Seat Geek for A New Era of Ticketing

This summer marked the exciting news of our new secondary ticketing partnership with Seat Geek. For 90 clients and counting, My Account provides a smooth transition for transferring tickets or selling them on the trusted secondary market. It's not just ticketing – it's ticketing in harmony.

An image of a pop up window on a mobile phone asking "Got Your Tickets?"

4. Quick Access: Your Golden Ticket to Event Success

We know this: Almost 50% of digital passes were downloaded to the digital wallet two days before the event. Quick Access pops up for patrons who log into My Account and serves their most immediate event tickets, saving them a click or a scroll and guiding them to add tickets to their digital wallets!

An image of a pop up window showing that your ticket transfer is complete

5. Transfer to Text: Ticket Retrieval, Simplified

10% of fans and patrons accept ticket transfers via desktop, and we all want them to download those passes to the phone wallet! So we made it easier. Enter Transfer to Text—a smooth, user-friendly experience where they can text from desktop to mobile.

Embracing a New Season with My Account

The best news about all the features - they’re live today and require nothing from you.

As we look forward to the upcoming season, we can’t wait for your fans and patrons to experience the updates firsthand. The future awaits!.

Want to find out more about these features? Dive into some PAC Community articles:

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