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Rolling Out the Red Carpet for PAC Digital Best Practices

With the end of the 2024 Fiscal Year fast approaching, we wanted to take a look back at some of the ads in the community that excelled in creative best practices for paid social. We’re sharing some of the top creative in the community that are staying on trend to give you some ideas as you plan for the new season ahead. And the digital best practice goes to...

Amplifying Success 🏆

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Ole Miss

"Way Too Early" Season Tickets

Capitalizing on momentum surrounding different programs or shows is always a best practice of ours. Ole Miss did a great job leveraging the hype around their football program this off-season to help propel new season tickets. After ranking in the top 5 in several “Way Too Early” national rankings the Rebels released the below graphic. The combination of this timely graphic along with excellent copy accounted for more than 57% of the overall revenue for the campaign. 

Seasonal Creative 🏆

The Fabulous Fox

Book of Mormon Holiday Creative

Similar to leveraging momentum around programs or shows, leaning into different seasons can help amplify sales when you have strong creative assets. This holiday season the Fabulous Fox launched Book of Mormon gift-themed creative that yielded a $26 ROAS during December. 

Fan Experience 🏆

Notre Dame

"Experience The Energy" Season Tickets

Working in the entertainment industry, it is essential to show patrons what they can expect when purchasing a ticket to your event. Videos are a great way to accomplish this goal and help create “thumb stopping moments” as users scroll through their feed. This year Notre Dame produced an incredible video calling fans to experience their football events live while showcasing reasons to do so.

Image Centric 🏆

The Newman Center

Series Packages

The Newman Center is showcasing image-centric graphics for their renewals and subscriptions campaign. Using a different image for each series (Jazz, Dance, Director's Choice 5 & 9, Mix 4 Package), they were able to creatively weave in their logo and text into stunning artist images. This creates an intriguing look, gaining positive engagement.

Organic Social Content 🏆

University of Maryland

The Grind Video Series

When an organic post gains significant engagement, this is indicative that it will likely perform well in a paid campaign. The University of Maryland launched an organic video series title, “The Grind” which quickly gained traction with their social followers. We built a Meta campaign using the video content series as advertisements and generated a $60 ROAS within the first two weeks.

Wondering what creative assets you can leverage for your campaigns? Ask your Paciolan Digital Marketing Rep for more information today!



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