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Success is No Long Lines at the Gate

How the University of Alabama Improved Fan Experience with Mobile Ticketing

The University of Alabama Athletics implemented effective measures to improve the fan experience at their second home game of the season (on September 25, 2021). Like many, transitioning to mobile tickets is a learning process for both fans and venue staff. Applying insights gleaned from the previous game, here are the inventive and helpful things they did, as told via social media and conversation with Paciolan staff.

Use signage and tents

Along with stadium directions, the team put up signs with instructions to download digital tickets to wallet at strategic locations. Particularly thoughtful: tents provided covering from the sun to help fans view their phones comfortably.

Rally staff to be a Ticket Ally

Yes, even those who don’t normally work at events. UA staff from everywhere volunteered to help fans before they got to the entrance, adding bandwidth, relieving ticket takers from having to handle all troubleshooting. In addition, Ticket Allies wore bright shirts to identify themselves in the crowd. According to UA estimates, 110 neon shirts were spotted that day.

Run a communications campaign to prompt fans to download tickets ahead of time

A strong communication tactic during a transition to mobile ticketing includes reminding and educating fans to download tickets before arriving at the venue. With tickets already in their digital wallets, fans are more likely to have a smooth entry experience.

Alabama uses Paciolan’s Digital Wallet Dashboard to help direct messaging to fans. Tracking how many fans have downloaded their tickets to the wallet for any given event gives insight into fan outreach.

The UA Athletics staff checked the dashboard daily during home game week to inform the communication and staffing plan. They also sent text messages to accounts that had not yet downloaded tickets to help reach late secondary purchases and ticket transfers.

Thanks to a robust messaging effort, fans are responding!

Examples of fan messaging, between home game 1 and 2

Screenshot of email campaign 'download to wallet' for 9/25 game

Introducing new processes and habits can be challenging. However, the UA Athletics staff rose to the occasion and executed tactics that focused on helping fans navigate the mobile ticketing world. Undoubtedly, this community will generate more innovative things, and we are lucky to learn from one another.

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