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Summer Email Success with Re-engagement Campaigns

Summertime means fun in the sun, but it also might mean your email send volume is down! To combat this seasonal dip and prepare for the busy fall season, consider running an "Update Your Preferences" or "Re-engagement" campaign. Here's how you can make the most of this strategy, with insights from Oracle and Paciolan’s Marketing Automation team.

Insights from Oracle

The Paciolan Marketing Automation team recently met with Oracle to discuss industry trends and best practices, including email deliverability. One key takeaway for Paciolan clients specifically was the observation that email send volume tends to drop during the summer months. While this might not seem immediately concerning, months of lower email volume followed by a sudden spike can negatively impact your deliverability. Given the seasonality of live events and college athletics, this trend is expected—but it's something we can proactively manage with the help of a re-engagement campaign!

The Magic of a Re-engagement Campaign

An Update Preferences campaign is an effective way to re-engage your audience during quieter periods. This campaign targets contacts who are globally subscribed but not actively engaging with your content. By prompting them to update their preferences, you can achieve several benefits:

Re-engage Inactive Contacts: Encourage email clicks or form submissions to re-engage dormant contacts.

Refresh Subscriber Interests: Allow fans to update their interests, ensuring they receive content that's relevant to them.

Boost Summer Send Volume: Increase your email send volume during the summer, priming your database for the higher send volumes in the fall.

How to Run an Effective Update Preferences Campaign

Craft Engaging Content:  Create an email that encourages recipients to update their preferences. Highlight the benefits, such as receiving more relevant content and staying

informed about their favorite events.

Use a Multi-Step Campaign Approach: Consider a series of emails that guide the recipient through updating their preferences, with reminders and follow-ups to maximize engagement.


Are you a Fanbase client? Incorporate Fanbase profiles to personalize messages based on specific personas!

By implementing an Update Preferences campaign, you can maintain a healthy email list, improve deliverability, and ensure your fans receive the content they love. So, don't let the summer slump get you down—start planning your campaign today!



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