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Eloqua Lead Scores + Salesforce = Increased Fan Engagement

Using Eloqua's native lead scoring tool, we can create qualified leads based on demographics and fan engagement.

Once the model is in place, a program is created to monitor contacts' lead scores and feed them into Salesforce as marketing activities. When a score changes, the new marketing activity is posted.

Once the lead score is in Salesforce, there are a few options on how to use the score.

Firstly, reps can use the newly created lead scores as sales leads. Then, tracking progress on a new sales path within the Marketing Activity Layout, a rep can determine whether the lead is worth pursuing. If yes, convert the marketing activity into an opportunity using the convert MA to Opportunity screen flow.

Secondly, lead scores can be added to the account layout, giving reps the ability to qualify the strength of an account at a glance. Finally, these lead scores can be added to other records in Salesforce, such as opportunities.

When an opportunity is opened, the current lead score is added to the opportunity, and when the opportunity is closed to a different field. This provides insight into how reps drive fan engagement and the model's accuracy. An added benefit of having lead scores on opportunities is the ability for reps to sort opportunities quickly. Knowing who to reach out to first can make reps more efficient during renewal.



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