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Data & Insights Attendance Dashboard - Optimize Your Venue Performance with Data

Take a moment and imagine yourself in your venue. Walk down the aisles, sit in a seat of your favorite section, take a big breath, and look around. Did you picture the seats full?

Now, picture them filled with excited fans and patrons ready for the event, buzzing with energy. Imagine having every event be like those special events that consistently sell out, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

With the Attendance Dashboard, you'll unlock the power of data to uncover your star events and strategically focus your marketing efforts where they truly matter.

Impactful Key Insight Data

Start by looking at the key insight tiles at the top of the dashboard: Tickets Out (Printed), Total Attended, Attendance Rate, Percentage of Digital Passes and Ticket Transfers. These tiles offer quick insights to understand your events' performance. Even individuals without technical expertise can effortlessly navigate through these data-rich reports.

Performance Trends by Time and Day

The Attendance Dashboard provides clear visualizations of performance data

by day of week and time of event, allowing for easy comparative analysis. These data points will empower you to make well-informed decisions, like planning staff levels and adapting to fluctuating demands.

Identify Attendance Patterns by Ticket Types

Understanding the attendance patterns of different ticket types can provide valuable insights. For example, suppose Season Ticket Holders show high attendance for certain events but low attendance for others. In that case, there may be an opportunity to design specific incentives or reminders to boost their participation. This targeted approach will not only increase attendance but also strengthen customer loyalty.

The Power of Utilization Bucket Data

Utilization Buckets categorizes your accounts into attendance brackets. Use these insights to track against your organization's attendance goals. Are more than half of your fans and patrons showing up to 100% of your events? How does it stack up compared to the last season?

Drill down further by applying category and seat filters. For example, if you notice an attendance dip for this year’s Box Seats, send a survey to these accounts to understand why they're not attending. The insights you receive from this communication may aid in re-engaging these accounts and could factor into their decision to renew for the upcoming year.

Conquer the Challenge of Filling Seats

Do you have events that consistently sell out while others are more challenging to fill? By harnessing the power of the Attendance Dashboard, you'll have concrete data to identify your star events and focus your marketing efforts on boosting attendance where needed. You can predict and prepare by leveraging per-event data, helping ensure that every seat becomes filled.


The Data & Insights’ Attendance Dashboard is more than just a tool for tracking attendance. It is a powerful solution to quickly identify patterns in your data, and use them to create targeted communications to boost your attendance.



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