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Get Ready for Gameday

With football season kicking off in a few short weeks, ensure you are prepared to deliver the best fan experience possible!

Below are three use cases to maximize the power of Eloqua throughout the season:

Add to Wallet Reminders

No more long lines at the gates! Help fans enter your stadium as smoothly and quickly as possible by encouraging them to add mobile tickets to their wallets before gameday. Utilize Eloqua’s Added to Wallet field to send targeted email reminders specifically to those fans who have not yet downloaded their mobile ticket.

Post-Game Surveys

Using Eloqua’s native form builder, you can easily create quick post-game surveys to find out how your fans enjoyed their gameday experience. Then, add processing steps to the form to:

  • Send notification to an internal person when specific responses are submitted

  • Send an email to fans when they submit a response, thanking them for their feedback

  • And more!

Responses can be reviewed through Eloqua, and the submission data can be automatically pushed to Salesforce for your sales team to follow up.

Non-Usage Emails

If fans didn’t attend the most recent game, reach out to remind them of what they can do with their tickets next time they can’t make the game. Non-usage campaigns are a great way to educate fans on:

  • How to transfer their tickets

  • Post their tickets to StubHub

  • Return or donate their tickets

  • Or any other options they have to make sure the stands are filled with your fans!

If you are interested in utilizing any of these campaigns this season, reach out to your marketing automation rep to help you get these set up in time for kickoff!


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