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Troubleshooting transfers just got a whole lot easier.

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are on the way down, and our operators are gearing up for the fall season.

So far this year, we’ve released enhancements to improve the mobile experience for your fans and patrons:

First, by making it easy to add multiple tickets to digital wallets with one tap. Next, by making it easy to personalize transfers.

Now, it’s your turn!

Whether your athletes are taking the field or your talent is taking the stage, we want to ensure that everyone who has a ticket can be part of the experience.

Pending transfers at showtime mean that someone is missing out. For example, maybe the intended recipient missed the transfer notification, or the sender transferred to the wrong number...

Regardless of the situation, we’ve added some new tools in the PAC Platform to make it easier to see and troubleshoot pending transfers!

View, resend, and cancel pending transfers from Orders in the PAC Platform.

It’s that simple.

Get a clear view of pending transfers at a glance and implement quick solutions for your fans and patrons.


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