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Convert Your Ticket Transfer Recipients

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On the digital team at Paciolan, we pride ourselves on placing your ads in front of the right people, at the right time. One way we accomplish this goal is through targeting CRM lists. With platforms such as Meta and Google, we can upload CRM lists and target individuals who utilize these channels. In order to leverage a specific CRM list for targeting, make sure your list includes a few specific identifiers, including: Email Address, First Name, and Last Name.

The most common types of CRM lists we leverage include people who might already be in your database, such as Past Purchasers or Current Purchasers. We can use both lists to create Look-A-Like audiences or exclude them from a campaign in general. However, a new list we’ve been trying to employ is Ticket Transfer Recipients. This list is compiled of anyone who received a ticket transfer from someone who purchased a ticket for your event. This is a great audience to target as these individuals are likely new to your database and have interest in your events. While this is a relatively new list, we’ve already seen success when targeting this audience and converting those transfer recipients into direct buyers. To date, the average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) we’ve seen when targeting Ticket Transfer Recipients is $9:$1.

Here are the steps to retrieve the list:

  1. Log into Pac Platform

  2. Click on Reporting (Note: This option will only appear if you have access to it)

  3. Click on Dashboards

  4. Select Ticket Transfer Dashboards

  5. Select the audience you’d like to download

  6. Download as a CSV file

For more information on using ticket transfer lists and CRM targeting, reach out to your Pac Digital rep!

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