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Data & Insights: Sales Dashboard - Key Data in One Location

Header image of a computer with graphs and the PACio logo

The Data & Insights: Sales Dashboard from PAC io is your new, favorite Home Screen.

The Sales Dashboard will help elevate your organization by giving you simplified visualization of your pertinent Sales and Revenue data to enable better, faster data-based decision-making.

Say goodbye to wasted time on manual report creation, generating multiple pivot tables, or spending hours searching for which reports give you the intelligent data you need. With the new Sales Dashboard, you’ll effortlessly access the precise Ticket Sales and Revenue insights you need, empowering you to make informed decisions and maximize revenue potential.

The Sales Dashboard allows you to:

  • Save time and act quickly on pertinent Ticketing Sales and Revenue data at your fingertips.

  • Ensure your event maximizes its revenue potential by delivering easy-to-digest information.

  • Visual breakdowns of Sales data will allow you to easily monitor how your event is pacing and make data-informed decisions on what actions you need to take to increase profits.


Visualize Sales & Revenue data in the new Sales Dashboard through two views: by Category and by Date.

Insights By Category

First, Head over to the dashboard view, Sales by Category View, where you can leverage the advanced filters to compare seasons, event groups, and events.

Image showing a Total Revenue graph and a Football 2021 Season Seat Status graph
  • Quickly monitor metrics like total revenue generated and percentage of seats sold.

  • Keep a pulse on the attendance rate and see the impact of new accounts on your revenue.

  • Explore your data at a granular level with options to drill down to Item and Event, Price Level and Type, and Sales Type.

  • With a simple roll-over of the bar graph, you can see the current data as compared to the previous data

  • Optimize your seating strategy with the seat status chart that provides a clear overview of sold, on-hold, and open seats.

Insights By Date

Looking to apply time-based filters? Head over to explore the Sales by Date View for a different perspective where you can compare your data with custom or preset date ranges.

Uncover valuable trends and patterns over time with powerful visualizations and KPIs.

  • 3 Key Tiles highlight: Total Revenue, Seats Sold, and Revenue from New Accounts.

  • Easily filter the pertinent sales data such as Quantity of tickets, Transaction Date, Item Class, Type Class, Salesode, Paymode, and Seat Status.

  • With a simple click on the bar chart, you can drill down, and PAC io Sales Dashboard will refresh the full dashboard for that specific data point!

  • The intuitive interface allows you to make informed decisions about actions needed to fill seats compared to previous time periods.

An infographic showing $369K in Total Revenue, 45% of seats sold, 54% attendance and $369K from New Accounts

Sales Dashboard is your key to unlocking the true potential of your business. Experience the power of data-driven decision-making today!

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