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May's Ticketing Best Practices

Schedule Release Exclusive On Sale

Notre Dame utilized a momentum campaign when the 2024 football schedule was announced this February with a special release of 2024 football home opener tickets vs. Northern Illinois. These orders were sold with unallocated seats so that Notre Dame can maximize inventory leading up to the season, and capitalize on the customers who are excited to attend the home opener.

For more information please reach out to your Client Partner.

Cadet Lottery On Sale

Army needed a solution to take Cadet Parent ticket requests for the Army/Navy game.  Working with their EOS, they created an event to allow parents to submit requests via limited use promo codes, and allow for specific price types to be submitted while collecting Class Year and Cadet's Name, while agreeing to the disclaimer and being put on a deferred bill plan so that Army can then fulfill via lottery process.

For more information please reach out to your EOS, Account Manager or Client Partner.

Pick Your Own Seat Map for Parking

Utilizing a PYO map for parking allows you to capitalize on additional revenue prior to day of game sales. Using a detailed reference image indicating where all of the parking lot locations are around the venue, Paciolan can create a detailed PYO map to provide an accurate representation to consumers.

Reserved Lot Overview:

PAC Live Sectional Map:

Please consult with your EOS or AM if you would like to explore adding a PYO map for your parking events.



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