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What Our Salesforce Team is Thankful for...

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Thanksgiving is a time of the year when we look internally and reflect on what we are thankful for. The Salesforce Administration team decided to share some features of Salesforce that they are especially thankful for. If you want to take advantage of any of these features, reach out to your Salesforce Admin today (they’ll thank you)!

Harrison Gore is thankful for…

CART ABANDONMENT MARKETING ACTIVITIES feeding into salesforce. Cart abandonment activities are created when patrons do not finish checking out online. Through Eloqua tracking, we can reference the season, item, quantity, and value of tickets they had in their cart. You can work with your marketing automation representative to send the patron automated follow-up emails and create a marketing activity in salesforce at any step in the process, giving reps qualified leads to follow up with!

A salesforce dialog box showing cart abandonment of season pass tickets

Andrew Campbell is thankful for…

A detail image of the new data fields available on salesforce

DATA. ‘Tis the season for shared multi-directional data. Our new data feed from Snowflake is standardized and packed full of some very useful fields. Some of my favorites include: Ticketing Rep, Fund Rep, Donor Status, and Added to Wallet (for Transactions). We also now bring over Donor Categories, Tags, and Membership Levels from PacFund in the standard feed. Stuff yourself full of data points!

A salesforce screen showing membership data

Christopher Carney is thankful for…

The SALESFORCE DUPLICATE IDENTIFIER. Even the most diligent of clients have duplicates in Pac and in Salesforce. Luckily, Salesforce has a built-in duplicate catcher that can help you identify and clean up these pesky accounts. The duplicate tool identifies accounts with the same name that match the address, email, or phone number. These can also be exported in a report to help you identify possible duplicates for merge in the Pac Platform.

A salesforce screen that identifies duplicate email addresses



A photo of blog co-author Chris Carney

Chris Carney, CRM Manager, Paciolan

A photo of blog co-author Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell, Senior Strategist - CRM, Paciolan

A photo of blog co-author Harrison Gore

Harrison Gore, Analyst - CRM, Paciolan


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