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May's Fundraising Best Practices

Fundraising Raffle Campaign

Appalachian State University, in partnership with a local Jeep dealer, sold raffle tickets online for a customized Mountaineer Jeep. The price per ticket was $100 and limited to 4,000 tickets.  All proceeds went directly to the Yosef Club, and a fully implemented communication and marketing plan was implemented (see below).

For more information please reach out to your Client Partner.

Making Event Revenue a Donation

Texas State Athletics is selling tickets online to their annual Women's Clinic. A collective is running the event at an athletics facility, signing a rental agreement with the facility like any other outside group (i.e. charity boxing match, professional volleyball, high school sports) which stipulates that Texas State Athletics will ticket the event. Texas State will distribute revenue collected (minus expenses) at the conclusion of the event to the collective, for it to use for its benefit.

For more information please reach out to your EOS or Client Partner.




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